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Inspired by traditions and Chinese ideology, Qìn brings the taste of herbs and the effects of traditional medicines to the Western culture. Check out the e-commerce site here.

A keen eye looking inward,
a kin heart reaching out.

Through learning and discovering of these herbs, I aim for Qìn to create a community for people to understand the root and intelligence of different cultures; to be proud of the way of life that make us who we are; to be grateful for the gift from the nature.

This brand is an extension of my Master Thesis — My examination of the aesthetic and intellectual tradition of Chinese landscape painting has enabled me to understand the connection between classical Chinese painters and their natural environments. To explore such painting’s relationship to nature, in a contemporary context, I have used today’s technology to produce digital images inspired by the traditions of China.

Science and culture,
authority and empathy.

Modern medicine is efficient. It saves millions of lives each year. However, due to its nature, consultations, diagnoses and treatments need to be done fast, which can leave people feeling invisible, scared, and left behind. But as important as empathy is, it’s not a substitute for an actual treatment. By creating this brand, my goal is to start the conversation on conducting research to discover the scientific benefits of traditional herbs. Meanwhile, I hope that the practice of traditional Chinese medicine can inspire modern medicine to bring kinder attentions throughout the treatment.

With this goal in mind, in the November of 2019, I hosted an art show of my digitally created Chinese landscape painting, to advocate traditional culture and empathy in medicine.

Started from January 2020, I set up booth at the Playa Vista Farmers Market weekly to sell my products as well as to interact with the local community. It has been the most memorable experience since I created Qìn. By connecting with these people, I was able to open-heartedly share my passion and love for my culture. They have provided me with valuable feedbacks that helped me identify mutliple areas of improvements for my brand and products.

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