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I joined Mindsparkle Mag in 2017. Since then, I have been creating digital contents across all of our social media platforms. Our Instagram community has grown to 200K strong over the recent years.

Supporting Designers and
Studios all over the world.

My goal is to promote the most beautiful and inspiring projects in the fields of design. I created these segments on our Instagram in order to encourage designers and studios around the world to use our platform to showcase their best works to the world of design.

Q & A

I created a Q & A segment on our Instagram to allow designers to talk with fans. Questions are selected from the community, and designers are encouraged to interact with their fans to create more fun and deeper connections in the community.

Weekly Roundup

Each week, we pick the best projects that we shared on our platform, and give them an extra shoutout for their creativity, originality and artistry.


Interview segments allow us to exchange ideas with designers directly. Our writer does the research and comes up with the topics. It usually gets pretty wild from there.

Design Takeover

Instagram takeovers are popular in the past few years. In this case, we invite designers and studios to create their own digital content. We showcase them on our instagram for a day.

Connecting and sharing
with our community.

Over the years, I learned that people follow us not only for the inspirations, but also for the support and the sense of community. So we tried our best to provide opportunities, share love and connect with everyone around the topic of design.

Conscious Design

During hardships, we call out to our beloved community for helps and insights. Conscious design segment is the way to say that we care, and hope more can join in.

Design Competition

From time to time, we will initiate online design competitions. They were great success, as in we were able to see and feel the enjoyment and excitement from everyone.

Work From Home

Recently, all of us are forced to work from home, but social distancing cannot distance us. As the daily inspiration provider, we let our community share their home workspace, hoping to inspire more.

Job Board

In 2018, we started gathering data from all over the world. We created a job board for companies to recruit the best design professionals, and bring more chances to designers.

Credit to:

Kaidi Mao

Creative Direction / Content Design

Filip Triner


Martina Legarreta