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This is the collection of my experiments with JavaScript. These interactive features can make your website stand out from the crowd. Test them out! Which one is your favorite?

01. Scratch In & Scratch Out

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Is it just me? Or playing with scratching cards is oddly satisfying? On this site, I am using the scratching card concept, to allow users to interact with the web page, and to reveal information by themselves. Super fun and attractive!

02. Yin & Yang of Smile

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As an introvert, there has always been two sides of my smile: one side where I am truly happy, and the other side where I’m just faking it…This site demonstrates that. You can create your smile, and push them into Yin or Yang.

03. Do You See The Wave?

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The heat wave in Southern California is no joke. Every time I am on set doing a photo shoot, I can just drop dead because of the heat. On this site, I want to put you in my shoes. Move your mouse, do you see the wave now?

04. Goodbye

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Who said artist can't do math?! I just did a whole lot of math building this site. I want to build a magnifying glass effect. The font size and font weight increased when you move your mouse to certain type.