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AXII is an artisan cannabis brand, set out to empower people to naturally manage their health and happiness through cannabis-based therapy.

Know it,
without seeing it.

The visual identity of axii ― I met the challenge of referring to cannabis, without ever showing it. I hope I have developed a language to let our community to see cannabis as a symbol, a characteristic, rather than just a product.

The symbols that make up the accent of the letter “ii” change when referring to different cannabis strains. Using symbolic logo as a universal language allows our community to get to know cannabis more easily, and learn more about what it can do.


I started off this project with one question in mind: “How can the change in emotions through cannbis consumption affect our physical well being?” As the United States and many other countries are moving toward legalizing recreational use of cannabis, we, as a society, have started to change our perspectives on the stigma of cannabis useage as being addictive and unhealthy. This change means everyone should take more responsibility for the risks it poses, and create more benefits for more people.

The latest research published by Harvard Medical School indicates that cannabis can help relax muscles, manage nausea and weight loss, ease PTSD symptoms, along with varies other medical benefits. However, many people find themselves in the situation of wanting to learn more about cannabis, but feeling embarrassed to bring it up to their doctors and closed ones. AXII allows us to reimagine cannabis and its abilities by using artisan strains that contain balanced ratios of CBD and THC. Meanwhile, keeping people informed on the psychological benefits cannbis could bring. I hope people can see AXII as a desired characteristic, an opportunity to improve, rather than just a product.

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Kaidi Mao

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