As my collge life went by, if I say I have no regret this year, I have been lying. I don’t have to let all the stress, anger and sadness go away, because they are the things that defines me and complete me. And now it is time to tell my story. 


I wanted to accomplish what I have been dreaming of, but it seems so hard to get. I started to wonder, what is this I have been doing everyday. It feels like I build a ship to cross the ocean that I can never across. I don’t know how long it will take me to get there, or if I ever had a chance to get there. And yet, I want it so bad.


I just want to tell my story through my works. Came from a small town in China, I have been trying to live the life that I desired, I had my ups and downs. I enjoyed the friendships I have, and the great education I get, but I will alway remember why I started.


Hope I can share my story with you.